“Tougher rules in Scotland in October and a ‘firebreak’ in Wales led to marked decreases in business activity during the month, and we can expect similar patterns across England in November as the new lockdown restrictions come into effect.

“A drop in expectations across most regions shows that businesses are anticipating a tough end to the year, yet still they remain strongly confident of being able to turn things around once the worst of the pandemic has passed.

“For now, many businesses are in survival mode, which has unfortunately meant further job cuts. The extension of the furlough scheme and other measures announced by the Government will be critical to limiting the impact through winter.”

Test Assurance Group (TAG) have developed an end to end testing system that works in a least fuss, user friendly and GDPR compliant manner. TAG have developed a market leading test process and protocol that enables employers to make decisions in real time around their return to work/school process.

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